A career towards Sex Blogging

A career towards Sex Blogging

Blogging is one of the careers people choose to go for. Well, like any other field, blogging also has many different branches. One such branch is the branch of Sex Blogging. Well, for a quick and general introduction, Sex Blogging is writing about sex experiences and the stories related to sex. So, now, let us dive deep into this topic.

More about it

Well, as stated in short earlier, it is about writing the personal experiences and adventures stories on one’s greatest and wildest sex experiences. Well, for one thing, if you are not comfortable with the type of content you are about to write, there are other types of things to write on too. Things such as about safe sex, about the world of sex, about sex toys, and many more. Well, all these things lead to the world of Sex blogging.

Well, if you want to start a career, there are certain things that you will have to work upon. We will be talking about these things in the article.

The Blog Name

The most important things are the blog name. Well, you cannot just decide a name and sign it as your blog name, you have to choose especially. Choosing a good blog name includes many points such as getting the perfect name, going for a name that makes people get attracted to your blog articles, and the ones that will especially reveal the contents of your blog in addition to having a good social media detailing.

Availability of Blog Name

With the increasing businesses all over the world, it has become very difficult to find a good name for your own business too. Well, you must make it look unique, and that is how it will work. Using a common name will eventually collapse with the name of some other blog and it might happen that while you are promoting your blog and people want to visit you, instead, they will be visiting the other blog with the same name. So, choose a blog that is unique and available.

To see if your blog is available, check for more combinations of domain and domain name. You will finally get an idea that your blog name including the domain name, is unique and, thus, will have no chance of collapsing with some other domain name.

Choose a web hosting service and secure your domain

Choosing a web hosting service is indeed important. This way, you will be able to work and display your unique content on the internet. A good domain hosting service has many advantages while starting an online website. They provide good offers, a good duration of plans and many other advantages. You will need a domain hosting service to make your content available on the internet for other users. This way, you can ensure that everyone sees the things you write. Well, plans for web hosting services differ as per the provider of the services. There are some cheap ones and then there are some costly ones too.

Well, whatever you take, make sure that you go for a plan which comes in your budget and also the one that gives you many other facilities. The plan has different durations, too such as a month or even a year.


Reach your audience. Approach so that people who want to view the content will reach your content first and then go for the others. This will improve your site’s traffic and will also ensure a good flow of money. You can even start your business through this by contacting some of the dealers and making them ensure about a space to advertise their product or you even can see products of your own on the site, eventually starting a little business of e-commerce.

Posting the content

Well, as mentioned earlier, there are many things which you can write upon. Some of those things are mentioned below.

  • The most common ones are the sex stories of different kinds. It will be just like a porn site but far more different from it. You will be writing stories which people will read and feel the utmost pleasure. Many people like these kinds of things, and so, if good enough, your content will steal the spot from all other blogs of the same kind. There are many different categories in stories that you can write about too. All categories are relevant to the categories that can be seen on the categories on which videos on porn sites are based upon. There are categories such as gay porn, lesbian porn, incest porn and many other kinds of porn.
  • You can also write reviews about proper sex advice. You can write how to make love, how to practice different sex positions, how to have more pleasure and fun, and many other things. If you are knowledgeable enough, you can also guide people, as a consultant, you can tell people about a way to save and pleasurable sex life.
  • Another kind is review one. This is a common type of blogging too. In this type of article, you will have to write about the toys that are used in sex. Well, the toys can be of different kinds. They can be of the one used while having sex, they can be the once that are used by singles to experience sex such as sex dolls and they can even be the one used by couples who love the concept of BDSM. Well, there’s a whole different kind of people out there with different kinds of wildest dreams and ambitions.

Well, there are more types of articles one can write about if he or she wants to start his or her sex blogging website.

So, here were things you will need to know and learn before starting a blogging site for sex. If you want more opinions about it, you can search for such types of content on the internet.

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